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We do the best possible treatment for your relief from dental pain, enhance your dental aesthetics or any oral / dental concern. We uses most advanced techniques for your easiest possible treatment. We guide patients for their dental hygiene to avoid any dental issues in future.  

Painless Tooth Extraction

We do Painless removal of tooth followed by replacement by various options including tooth colour material, stainless steel etc.

Orthodontic Treatment

By Orthodontic Treatment we enhance your dental aesthetics by aligning the misaligned teeth.

Crown & Bridge

Crown is used to entirely cover or cap a damaged tooth. Bridge are used for replacement of missing or removed tooth.


In RCT we clean infected, inflamed, decayed tooth and then fill with suitable medicaments and fix it with suitable crown.

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Dental Implant

In Dental Implant, we surgically fix a fixture and allow it to fuse with Jaw bone. Then we place a crown on it as your new tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry

We have a separate branch for treatment of kids oral health problems to take care their special needs.

Scaling, Polishing & Tooth Whitening

With Scaling we improve oral hygiene by cleaning plaques and calculus using ultrasonic scaler. We also improve the aesthetic by various methods of tooth whitening.


We are treating Patients here at City Center, Durgapur since 2016 and getting very good responses and feedbacks.  We are located at the center of the City and clinic is equipped with modern equipment. Modern equipment and techniques play a vital role in Dental treatment. Also we provide a relaxing ambience, because we know the pain patient go through before or after treatment.


We have been treating patients with various disease and problems in very satisfactory manner and this is the most satisfying and proud thing for us. We have proudly resolved some critical and chronic dental disease using proper medication and handled  critical aesthetic problems using orthodontic treatment. 

Cure & Care Dental Clinic

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Non-Company Kalibari, 17, Rani Rashmoni Path, SAIL Co-operative, City Center, Durgapur, West Bengal 713216

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